July 26, 2011

Those Who Look For The Lord

Those who look for the Lord will cry out in praise of him, refreshed be our hearts eternally!
Lord, set a guard on my mouth; post a sentry before my lips, let me not utter the words of the wicked who are lost in their wickedness, who seem not to know that whatever takes its origin from God must needs triumph over evil.
Ease me of the reproach my heart dreads, those whose award are gracious know that each command of thine shall be embraced lovingly.
Eagerly I long to be guided in the way of thy obedience for eyes I have none for vain phantoms; I find my life in following thy way.
Establish with us, thy servants, the promise made to all that if we but call upon thy name we shall be heard. Amen.

David E. Patton